P. Paramanathan

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In medical discipline, complexity measure is focused on the analysis of nonlinear patterns in processing waveform signals. The complexity measure of such waveform signals is well performed by fractal dimension technique, which is an index for measuring the complexity of an object. Its applications are found in diverse fields like medical, image and signal(More)
The fractal dimension of a waveform represents a powerful tool for transient detection in signals. In particular, in analysis of electroencephalograms and electrocardiograms, this feature has been used to identify and distinguish specific states of physiological function. We propose a new method of computing fractal dimension (FD) of waveforms. Compared to(More)
Fractal geometry is a tool to quantitatively describe objects that are considered as extremely complex and disorder. Fractals are objects which have a similar appearance when viewed at different scales. They are assigned a dimension which is non integer. In particular, time series data has been represented as a curve with dimension between one and two.(More)
Epilepsy is a neurological disorder involving recurrent abnormal discharges of neurons that produce epileptic seizures, affecting the human brain. Locating the exact seizure portion in the brain is very important for predicting the reoccurrence of epileptic seizure. Many techniques have been used for seizure prediction, but they are computationally(More)
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