P. P. Yakutseni

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Analysis of the main parameters of molecular mechanics (number of hydrogen bonds, hydrophobic and electrostatic interactions, DNA-peptide complex minimization energy) provided the data to validate the previously proposed qualitative models of peptide–DNA interactions and to evaluate their quantitative characteristics. Based on these estimations, a(More)
The complexes of the estrogen α-receptor with estradiol and 8-isoestradiol were comparatively analyzed. The computations of ligand–receptor complexes, carried out using the FLEXX program, allowed us to propose a model for the binding of the analogues of 8-isoestradiol. It was found that rings Cand D of estradiol and 8-isoestradiol are similarly arranged in(More)
Tetrapeptide Lys-Glu-Asp-Trp is a mimetic of insulinotropic peptides and reduces the blood glucose level. This tetrapeptide increases the content of important factors of differentiation in endocrine pancreatic cells in vitro. Molecular modeling shows that this tetrapeptide can interact with not only minor, but also major groove of DNA molecule. The(More)
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