P. P. Vaidyanathan

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We present the lifting scheme, a new idea for constructing compactly supported wavelets with compactly supported duals. The lifting scheme uses a simple relationship between all multiresolution analyses with the same scaling function. It isolates the degrees of freedom remaining after fixing the biorthogonality relations. Then one has full control over(More)
We propose a novel framework for a new class of two-channel biorthogonal filter banks. The framework covers two useful subclasses: i) causal stable IIR filter banks ii) linear phase FIR filter banks. There exists a very effcient structurally perfect reconstruction implementation for such a class. Filter banks of high frequency selectivity can be achieved by(More)
A new approach to super resolution line spectrum estimation in both temporal and spatial domain using a coprime pair of samplers is proposed. Two uniform samplers with sample spacings MT and NT are used where M and N are coprime and T has the dimension of space or time. By considering the difference set of this pair of sample spacings (which arise naturally(More)
This paper considers the sampling of temporal or spatial wide sense stationary (WSS) signals using a co-prime pair of sparse samplers. Several properties and applications of co-prime samplers are developed. First, for uniform spatial sampling with M and N sensors where M and N are co-prime with appropriate interelement spacings, the difference co-array has(More)
In this paper we propose look-up table (LUT) based methods for inverse halftoning of images. The LUT for inverse halftoning is obtained from the histogram gathered from a few sample halftone images and corresponding original images. The method is extremely fast (no filtering is required) and the PSNR and visual image quality achieved is comparable to the(More)
The theory of the orthogonal transform coder and methods for its optimal design have been known for a long time. In this paper, we derive a set of necessary and sufficient conditions for the coding-gain optimality of an orthonormal subband coder for given input statistics. We also show how these conditions can be satisfied by the construction of a sequence(More)
The concept of multiple-input multiple-output (MIMO) radar allows each transmitting antenna element to transmit an arbitrary waveform. This provides extra degrees of freedom compared to the traditional transmit beamforming approach. It has been shown in the recent literature that MIMO radar systems have many advantages. In this paper, we consider the joint(More)
-M channel maximally decimated filter banks have been used in the past to decompose signals into subbands. The theory of perfect-reconstruction filter banks has also been studied extensively. Nonparaunitary systems with linear phase filters have also been designed. In this paper, we study paraunitary systems in which each individual filter in the analysis(More)
Abstruct-A lattice structure and an algorithm are presented for the design of two-channel QMF banks, satisfying a sufficient condition for perfect reconstruction. The structure inherently has the perfect-reconstruction property, Hhile the algorithm ensures a good stophand attenuation for each of the analysis filters. Implementations of such lattice(More)