P P S Otahal

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BACKGROUND There is a striking latitudinal gradient in multiple sclerosis (MS) prevalence, but exceptions in Mediterranean Europe and northern Scandinavia, and some systematic reviews, have suggested that the gradient may be an artefact. The authors sought to evaluate the association between MS prevalence and latitude by meta-regression. METHODS AND(More)
BACKGROUND Global longitudinal strain (GLS) is a robust, well validated and reproducible technique for the measurement of LV longitudinal deformation. We sought to assemble evidence that GLS is an accurate marker in predicting cardiovascular outcomes, compared to LVEF. METHODS We undertook a systematic review of the evidence from observational studies(More)
BACKGROUND The prognostic relevance of a hypertensive response to exercise (HRE) is ill-defined in individuals undergoing exercise stress testing. The study described here was intended to provide a systematic review and meta-analysis of published literature to determine the value of exercise-related blood pressure (BP) (independent of office BP) for(More)
Head trauma leading to concussion and electroconvulsive shock (ECS) in humans causes amnesia for events that occurred shortly before the injury (retrograde amnesia). The present experiment investigated the amnesic effect of lidocaine and ECS in 25 rats trained on a working memory version of the Morris water task. Each day, the escape platform was moved to a(More)
AIM Chronic kidney disease (CKD) is a progressive disease which is becoming a major public health issue due to its high rate of premature death, poor quality of life and expensive end-stage treatment (dialysis or transplantation). The burden of this chronic condition in a community setting was examined. METHODS Data were obtained from 369,098 Tasmanian(More)
INTRODUCTION To supplement limited information on tobacco use in Vietnam, data from a nationally-representative population-based survey was used to estimate the prevalence of smoking among 25-64 year-olds. METHODS This study included 14,706 participants (53.5% females, response proportion 64%) selected by multi-stage stratified cluster sampling.(More)
Little is known about how physical activity patterns during childhood and adolescence are associated with risk of subsequent depression. We examined prospective and retrospective associations between leisure physical activity patterns from childhood to adulthood and risk of clinical depression in young adulthood. Participants (759 males, 871 females) in a(More)
CONTEXT Severe iodine deficiency (ID) during gestation is associated with neurocognitive sequelae. The long-term impact of mild ID, however, has not been well characterized. OBJECTIVE The purpose of this study was to determine whether children born to mothers with urinary iodine concentrations (UICs) <150 μg/L during pregnancy have poorer educational(More)
BACKGROUND Appropriate use criteria (AUC) for cardiac imaging have been available for almost 10 years. The extent to which there has been a reported improvement in appropriate use is undefined. OBJECTIVES This study systematically reviewed published evidence to identify whether the promulgation of AUC has led to an improvement in the proportion of(More)
PURPOSE To characterise the demographics, cycling habits and accident rates of adult cyclists in Tasmania. METHODS Volunteers ≥18 years of age who had cycled at least once/week over the previous month provided information on demographics; cycling experience; bicycles owned; hours/km/trips cycled per week; cycling purpose; protective equipment used; and(More)