P. P. Mohanlal

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Twenty-five patients underwent scapulectomy for various tumours between 1989 and 2005. We describe 23 patients with scapular tumours who were followed-up for a minimum of 2 years after scapulectomy. The average age was 29 years, and two-thirds of the patients were male. Nineteen patients had malignant neoplasms, of which chondrosarcoma was most common,(More)
Our objective was to assess and validate low-dose computed tomography (CT) scanogram as a post-operative imaging modality to measure the mechanical axis after navigated total knee replacement. A prospective study was performed to compare intra-operative and post-operative mechanical axis after navigated total knee replacements. All consecutive patients who(More)
OBJECTIVE To evaluate predictors of poor outcome, including the CRIB (Clinical Risk Index for Babies) score, in a local population of very-low-birth-weight (VLBW) infants, in order to provide guidelines for selection of these babies for expensive tertiary care. SUBJECTS Two hundred and thirty-one neonates born at less than 31 weeks' gestation and/or(More)
Various causes have been reported for irreducible fractures of the distal radius. Most of them have been reported in children.We report a case of irreducible distal radial fracture in an 18-year-old Caucasian male patient. The fracture was not reducible by closed methods and extensor pollicis tendon was found to be interposed during surgical intervention.(More)
The microsurgical approach for removal of prolapsed lumbar disc has gained popularity because of its various advantages. Localisation of the correct level is vital for the success of this procedure. We performed an audit to review our practice regarding the localisation of correct level in lumbar microdiscectomy. Twenty-eight patients were included in this(More)
A prospective study was performed to assess the intra-operative variation in femoral and tibial axis alignment during navigated total knee replacement. The intra-operative initial, trial and final mechanical axis alignments were recorded from the navigation system. The mean variation and correlation coefficient were calculated and analysed. There were 40(More)
We illustrate the technique of needle plicotomy for synovial plica during arthroscopy of the knee. Various techniques have been described for resection of plica including use of punch forceps, shavers and arthroscopic scissors. We describe the use of needle to perform plicotomy. It is quick, easy to perform, less traumatic to tissues and obviates the need(More)
Nine patients with multiple myeloma underwent limb salvage surgery and custom megaprosthesis replacement for tumours involving long bones. The lower limb was commonly involved with an average age of 47.7 years at presentation. All patients had pathological fractures. Resection and reconstruction was done using custom megaprostheses. A proximal femoral(More)