P P M Oliveira

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In the present study we standardized an experimental model of parabiotic circulation of isolated pig heart. The isolated heart was perfused with arterial blood from a second animal as support and submitted to regional ischemia for 30 min, followed by total ischemia for 90 min and reperfusion for 90 min. Parameters for measurement of ventricular performance(More)
While BALB/c mice survive infection with blood stages of Plasmodium chabaudi chabaudi (AS), 70% of DBA/2 mice die by day 9-11 of infection, both strains controlling parasitaemia. We describe here that infection of DBA/2 mice results in extensive, multifocal hepatocyte death. Antibody neutralization of TNF-alpha prevents both liver damage and death.
The effect of an adventure sprint race (ASR) on T-cell proliferation, leukocyte count and muscle damage was evaluated. Seven young male runners completed an ASR in the region of Serra do Espinhaço, Brazil. The race induced a strong leukocytosis (6.22±2.04×10(3) cells/mm3 before vs 14.81±3.53×10(3) cells/mm3 after the race), marked by a significant increase(More)
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