P. P. Geiko

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The possibilities of remote sensing of chemical warfare agents by the differential absorption method are analyzed. The CO2 laser emission lines suitable for sensing chemical warfare agents with accounting for disturbing absorption by water vapor were chosen. The detection range of chemical warfare agents is obtained for a lidar based on CO2 laser. Factors(More)
A differential optical absorption spectroscopy (DOAS) gas-analyzer was successfully tested. A high pressure 150-W Xe arc lamp was employed as a light source. This system consisted of a coaxial telescope, a spectrometer, an analyzer and retroreflector. In order to record the spectra, a monochrometer with a grating and photodiode array was adopted. Gas(More)
It is shown, that tubuline informative biomacromolecule has two-well structure potential energy relief for an electron responsible for the switching between conformations of molecules. Therefore the system of conformational excitation in informative biomacromolecules must be described as a two-level quantum system. The energy of the basic electron state ɛ+(More)
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