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Mitral annulus calcification, a common lesion of the elderly (over age 60 years), has been detected with increased frequency and at younger ages in patients with uraemia. To date a pathogenic role for dialysis and secondary hyperparathyroidism has been suggested only on the basis of older dialytic age and increased serum iPTH observed in the affected(More)
The authors assessed the effectiveness and reliability of a new ultrasound system for evaluating the quality of bone tissue in a series of female patients with suspected type I osteoporosis. Evaluation with ultrasound was performed at the distal metaphysis of the first phalanx of the long fingers of the non-dominant hand. The investigation involves the(More)
Eosinophilia and some acute dialysis side-effects, such as itching, flushing and bronchospasm, are often associated with the presence of ethylene oxide (ETO) as dialyzer sterilizing agent. This study evaluated the effects of two different polysulfone (PS) hollow-fiber dialysers sterilized with ETO and steam in 31 chronic dialysis patients with eosinophilia.(More)
A patient with nephrotic syndrome had been treated with mesalazine for ulcerative colitis, and also had a carcinoma of the colon and sclerosing cholangitis. This seemingly unrelated series of complications gives us the opportunity to review the problem of nephropathy in ulcerative colitis.
We did not collect post-infusion serum creatinine, so we are unable to comment on the occurrence of acute renal failure. The time frame of the study is simply too short to detect progression of renal injury. The benefits and risks of iron use in nephrology need to be clarified further. A larger, NIH-funded, randomized trial is under way to examine the(More)
A 72-year-old male diabetic patient admitted to our operative unit of nephrology and dialysis underwent hemodialytic treatment because of rapidly progressive renal failure. A moderate hypertensive state was associated to nephrotic proteinuria and microematuria. Renal angiography showed a severe stenosis of the right renal artery and a smaller left kidney.(More)
This study was undertaken to establish the plasma pharmacokinetics of beta-methyl-digoxin (betamd) in 8 normal subjects (group 1) and 17 uraemic patients (group 2, not undergoing dialysis; group 3, undergoing dialysis). Blood samples were collected serially up to 5 hrs after an initial stimulus of 0.2 ng betamd i.v. betamd was determined both in serum and(More)