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HER-2 is overexpressed in approximately 20–30% of invasive Breast Cancer. ECD of the HER-2 protein is frequently cleaved and released into the circulation, where it can be detected by ELISA in up to 45% of patients with metastatic breast cancer. The objective of our study was to compare the current methods for the detection of HER-2 protein. Tissue HER-2(More)
BACKGROUND & OBJECTIVE In breast cancer, the HER-2/neu gene is amplified in 20-30 per cent of cases. The mechanism by which the amplification/overexpression occurs is not known. Elevated serum HER-2/neu levels have been shown to be associated with a poor clinical prognosis and decreased survival in early stage breast cancer patients, and thus might help in(More)
BACKGROUND & OBJECTIVES An association between over-expression of proto-oncogene Her-2/neu and resistance to tamoxifen in estrogen receptor (ER) positive, primary and metastatic breast cancer has been suggested. HR+/Her-2/neu+ patients have a poor response to endocrine therapy, making this group a matter of debate. The present study was carried out to(More)
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