P. Pötzi

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Monocyte-mediated antibody-dependent cellular cytotoxicity (ADCC) was tested in 23 patients with histologically proven Hodgkin's disease and 29 healthy normal controls. Seven patients presented with active and 16 with inactive disease. The lytic capacity of the individual monocytes was significantly (P < 0.02) higher in patients with Hodgkin's disease than(More)
The antibody response after vaccination against tick-borne encephalitis (TBE) was studied in patients with breast cancer. Although sex- and age-matched control persons produced high titers of anti-TBE antibodies 2 to 4 weeks after the second of two consecutive vaccinations, patients with breast cancer who were first vaccinated after the start of adjuvant(More)
The spectrum of intrapulmonary findings of Hodgkin's disease is illustrated by 75 pulmonary episodes of 22 patients with Hodgkin's disease (duration of illness up to 14 years). Both the typical and frequent, as well as the rare pulmonary manifestations are discussed. We analysed the time correlation between pulmonary changes and clinical manifestations, and(More)
185 electrocardiograms, of a total of 39 patients were analyzed during and after Adriamycin treatment. Total Adriamycin doses did not exceed 70--120 mg in each course, respecting the 550 mg/m2 limit. ECG changes were found in 80% of such therapeutic regimen, changes of heart-rate, PQ, QT-intervals and ST/T predominating, Arrhythmias (supraventricular and(More)
Recent resul ts of chemotherapy in 9atients with metastat i c malignant melanoma are not encouraging. Response rates below 50 % and remission duration below I year are common resul ts in many studies with d i f fe ren t therapeut i c agents. DTIC the agent with the greatest number of pat ients treated with achieved response rates of about 20 % and a(More)
Clinical experience with Ixoten (trofosfamide), a derivative of cyclophosphamide, is reported in 29 patients with malignant lymphomas. Daily doses of 150-300 mg p.o. and 6.000-200.000 mg total dose respectively, resulted in an 80% complete or partial remission. In addition to a dose dependent haematotoxicity, other side effects (gastrointestinal and/or hair(More)
The therapeutic results of 5-FU given by oral application (15 mg/kg body weight x 10 days) in 11 patients with hepatic metastases (after colorectal and mammary carcinoma) are reported: objective response in 2 patients and subjective improvement in 4 patients contrasts to 3 patients without response and 2 patients with indefinite response to adjuvant(More)
Report of the case history of a female patient suffering from malignant mesothelioma of the peritoneum. Exceptional findings were a dense nodular hematogenic dissemination over both lungs and the duration of disease, which till now extends over 35 months. Pathogenesis, course of disease, diagnosis therapy and epicrisis are discussed.