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The availability of high density panels of molecular markers has prompted the adoption of genomic selection (GS) methods in animal and plant breeding. In GS, parametric, semi-parametric and non-parametric regressions models are used for predicting quantitative traits. This article shows how to use neural networks with radial basis functions (RBFs) for(More)
We introduce a stochastic filtering technique for the tracking of closed curves from image sequence. For that purpose, we design a continuous-time dynamics that allows us to infer inter-frame deformations. The curve is defined by an implicit level-set representation and the stochastic dynamics is expressed on the level-set function. It takes the form of a(More)
In this paper, we present a computer-tool to simulate traffic over a mobile communications network based on TETRA (Trans European Trunked RAdio) technology. This tool is specifically oriented to estimate network performances, previous to the network development, in order to make an optimum network design. I. INTRODUCTION Development of mobile communication(More)
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