P. Osborne

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The diagnosis of muscular dystrophy is usually made on the basis of gait difficulties or a history of late achievement of normal motor milestones. Other well-described delays, notably in the area of expressive language skills, can provide additional clues to this diagnosis. We present three patients referred to The Developmental Evaluation Clinic because of(More)
Sensor-based monitoring of congestive heart-failure (CHF) patients living at home can improve quality of care, detect exacerbations of disease at an earlier stage and motivate the patient for better self care. This paper reports on a usability study of the ESUMS system that provides continuous measurements of heart rate, activity, upper body posture and(More)
effectiveness of options for the diagnosis of high blood pressure in primary care: a modelling study. We agree with A'Court and colleagues that the consequence of diagnosing greater numbers of people with other chronic conditions in addition to hypertension may be associated with increasing difficulties in providing access. 1 The argument is that as more(More)
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