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The transport of protons across membranes is an important process in cellular bioenergetics. The light-driven proton pump bacteriorhodopsin is the best-characterized protein providing this function. Photon energy is absorbed by the chromophore retinal, covalently bound to Lys 216 via a protonated Schiff base. The light-induced all-trans to 13-cis(More)
The light-driven proton pump bacteriorhodopsin (bR) was functionally expressed in Xenopus laevis oocytes and in HEK-293 cells. The latter expression system allowed high time resolution of light-induced current signals. A detailed voltage clamp and patch clamp study was performed to investigate the DeltapH versus Deltapsi dependence of the pump current. The(More)
In this article, we provide a cloud-security checklist for IaaS cloud deployments. The elements of the checklist are established by surveying the related literature on cloud-threat models and various security recommendations. We define the elements of the list on a level of abstraction that helps keep the size of the list manageable while preserving the(More)
Inducible nitric oxide synthase (iNOS) is a homodimeric heme enzyme that catalyzes the formation of nitric oxide (NO) from dioxygen and L-arginine (L-Arg) in a two-step process. The produced NO can either diffuse out of the heme pocket into the surroundings or it can rebind to the heme iron and inhibit enzyme action. Here we have employed Fourier transform(More)
  • Jacak J Aekbote Bl, Schütz Gj, +213 authors C Gergely
  • 2013
4. Buzás A Nanosecond laser-induced selective removal of the active layer of , Geretovszky Z CuInGaSe2 solar cells by stress-assisted ablation Anisotropic organization and microscopic manipulation of self-assembling synthetic porphyrin microrods that mimic chlorosomes: Bacterial light-harvesting systems Structure analysis of proteins, peptides and metal(More)
antenna complex of plants: thermo-optic mechanism Effects of polyhydroxy compounds on the structure Laczkó I and activity of alpha-chymotrypsin , Muga A surface electric properties and stability of bacteriorhodopsin A two step model aimed at delivering antisense oligonucleotides Protein assembly and heat stability in developing thylakoid Páli T membranes(More)
Controlled in situ preparation of Ab(1–42) oligomers from the isopeptide ''iso-Ab(1–42)'', physicochemical and biological characterization Optical chirality of bacteriorhodopsin films via second harmonic Maker's fringes measurements , Gergely C Atypical transcriptional regulation and role of a new toxin-antitoxin-like module and its effect on the lipid(More)
  • S. Valkai, H. I. Kirei, L. Oroszi, P. Ormos
  • 2008
A fully integrated microfluidic sorter is introduced. It is able to count, characterize and sort micrometer sized particles and cells. All functions of the device are performed by light. The objects to be sorted are counted optically, they are characterized by measuring their fluorescence. Even the sorting itself, directing the particles into different(More)
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