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Perforin (P) is a cytolytic molecule expressed in the granules of cytolytic T cells and natural killer cells. Although cytotoxic cells have been implicated in graft rejection, no prospective clinical study has been published that examines the dynamics of perforin expressing cells in peripheral blood lymphocytes of transplanted patients. The cytofluorimetric(More)
Among 725 renal transplantations, the most common vascular complication was arterial stenosis, which was observed in 23 patients (3.17%). The majority of 20 (6.49%) arterial stenoses appeared in our initial experiences when we routinely used end-to-end renal graft to internal iliac artery anastomoses. A significant reduction in this incidence (0.72%) was(More)
A 37-year-old male patient presented with a Bellini duct carcinoma, at first as a metastatic illness of the paraaortal lymph nodes, without significant radiologic signs of a kidney tumor. Cytological diagnostics did not recognize this tumor. Macroscopically and microscopically the tumor fulfilled the major and minor criteria of Sringly et al., but(More)