P Orlando Díaz

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Air pollution exposures have been linked to neuroinflammation and neuropathology. Autopsy samples of the frontal cortex from control (n = 8) and pollution-exposed (n = 35) children and young adults(More)
Enabling formulations based on hydroxypropyl-β-cyclodextrins (HPβCD), micellar preparation, and liposomes have been designed to deliver the racemic mixture of a lipophilic cannabinoid type 2 agonist,(More)
We recently discovered and reported a series of N-alkyl-isatin acylhydrazone derivatives that are potent cannabinoid receptor 2 (CB(2)) agonists. In an effort to improve the druglike properties of(More)
There is growing interest in using cannabinoid receptor 2 (CB2) agonists for the treatment of neuropathic pain. We have synthesized a novel series of N-alkyl isatin acylhydrazone derivatives and have(More)