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We have revisited the epitaxial growth modes of Fe on W(110) and Mo(110), and propose an overview or our contribution to the field. We show that the Stranski-Krastanov growth mode, recognized for a long time in these systems, is in fact characterized by a bimodal distribution of islands for growth temperature in the range ∼ 250− 700 C. We observe firstly(More)
Direct observations of current-induced domain-wall propagation by spin-polarized scanning electron microscopy are reported. Current pulses move head-to-head as well as tail-to-tail walls in submicrometer Fe20Ni80 wires in the direction of the electron flow, and a decay of the wall velocity with the number of injected current pulses is observed.(More)
We present results of Niobium based SQUID magnetometers for which the weak-links are engineered by the local oxidation of thin films using an Atomic Force Microscope (AFM). Firstly, we show that this technique allows the creation of variable thickness bridges with 10 nm lateral resolution. Precise control of the weak-link milling is offered by the(More)
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