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AIM To investigate the effects of lubiprostone and Polyethylene Glycol 3350 (PEG) on mucosal barrier repair in ischemic-injured porcine intestine. METHODS Ileum from 6 piglets (approximately 15 kg body weight) was subjected to ischemic conditions by occluding the local mesenteric circulation for 45 min in vivo. Ileal tissues from each pig were then(More)
The effects of environmental temperature (ET) and dietary ME on core body temperature (CBT) and production efficiency were evaluated in broiler breeder hens. A total of 192 Ross 708 broiler breeder hens were individually caged in one of 6 temperature-controlled chambers (32/room) at 20 wk of age. A biotelemetry sensor was surgically implanted abdominally to(More)
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