P Narducci-Bareggi

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Following the study of total lipid and phospholipid contents of Harderian gland, we carried out analysis of glycolipid fractions. The data showed that most of the pigment is bound to mono-hexose ceramides, while only a minor fraction of it is bound to ceramides and/or to phospholipids. Histochemical studies confirmed the lipid and glycolipid nature of the(More)
The major components of the lipid fraction from Harder's glands of mice and rats were studied, including examination of the influence of age and sex on absolute and relative amounts of the most relevant components. The data, based on thin layer chromatographic analyses, is discussed in detail and possible explanations suggested for the biological roles(More)
The phospholipid components of Harder's glands of rats and mice were investigated. The content of phosphatidylcholine and of sphyngomyelin is notably less in the rat than in the mouse difference among the other components, being negligible. In the male rat the total phospholipid content is larger than in the female, while in mice the opposite is true. The(More)
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