P. N. T. Wells

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Ultrasound imaging is now in very widespread clinical use. The most important underpinning technologies include transducers, beam forming, pulse compression, tissue harmonic imaging, contrast agents, techniques for measuring blood flow and tissue motion, and three-dimensional imaging. Specialized and emerging technologies include tissue characterization and(More)
For more than 3500 years, urinary catheters have been used to drain the bladder when it fails to empty. For people with impaired bladder function and for whom the method is feasible, clean intermittent self-catheterization is the optimal procedure. For those who require an indwelling catheter, whether short- or long-term, the self-retaining Foley catheter(More)
Until now, the publication in the journal of a Letter to the Editor-in-Chief has been quite a rare event. When the Editor receives such a Letter, if it relates to an article previously published in the journal, a copy is sent to the corresponding author concerned. This provides the opportunity for a response to be published at the same time as the original(More)
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