P. N. S. Sujitha

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In an ongoing survey for bioactive potential of microorganisms from different biosphere zones of India, a new Chrysosporium lobatum strain BK-3 was isolated from soil sample collected from a biodiversity hotspot, Kaziranga National Park, Assam, India. Bioactivity-guided purification resulted in the isolation of two bioactive compounds whose chemical(More)
Schiff base {4-[(pyridine-3-ylmethylimino)-methyl] phenol} was prepared by reacting 4-hydroxybenzaldehyde with 3-aminomethylpyridine in ethanol for 6 h (85 % yield) followed by their esterification via reaction with fatty acids of varying chain lengths. The structure of these Schiff base esters were elucidated using chromatographic and spectroscopic(More)
A series of eight fatty imidazolines were synthesized under microwave-assisted conditions using different fatty acids namely octyl, decyl, dodecyl, tetradecyl and octadecyl, mixed fatty acids prepared from Sterculia foetida (containing cyclopropene-rich fatty acids), coconut (containing medium-chain-rich fatty acids), palm (containing saturated-rich fatty(More)
A new authentication method based on the secret sharing technique along with a data repairing capability for gray scale document images via the use of PNG (portable network graphics) is proposed. An authentication signal is generated for every and each block of a gray-scale document image, which, in conjunction with the binarized block content, is remodeled(More)
—This paper proposes CMOS camera and USB device drivers implementation on S3C2440 using LINUX 2.6.32. The CMOS camera driver is used for video acquisition applications, which implements image-sensor technology and USB driver is used for data acquisition applications, establishes communication between host computer and a number of peripheral devices. OV9650(More)
This study presents the synthesis of 14 new 1,4-disubstituted piperazine derivatives from allyl bromides of Baylis–Hillman adduct and 4,4-disubstituted benzhydryl piperazines. All the synthesized compounds were further screened for in vitro ACE inhibitor and antimicrobial activities. Among the synthesized piperazine derivatives, compound 12h showed moderate(More)
A novel scheme for generation of phase using optical delay lines is proposed. The design of the optical components in the circuit which includes the S bend waveguides and straight waveguide couplers are very important for integrated optics. Beam propagation Method and MatLab is employed for the design.
The development of web technology and e-business applications has enabled Web services to be widely accepted by industry and academic research. Web service is a software system designed to support interoperable machine-to-machine interaction over a network. Race condition in Web services is defined as "The abnormal execution order of the concurrent events(More)
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