P N Liubchenko

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Investigations of the central haemodynamics and myocardial contractility in 73 men, who took part in repairing after the Chernobyl accident in 1986, in 4 years after the accident have shown the hyperkinetic type of circulation in 60.2%, eukinetic in 23.2%, hypokinetic in 15.6% of the examinees. Such changes of the central haemodynamics, increased frequency(More)
Liquidators of consequences of the Chernobyl atomic power station accident were found to have cardiovascular regulatory disorders in the late period. A late pressure reaction of systolic blood pressure to exercise was caused by cardiac rhythm rigidity due to the sick sinus syndrome. High exercise tolerance and delayed ischemia were indicative of diminished(More)
Examination of 42 liquidators of Chernobyl power station accident consequences, which was conducted in 5-6 years after the work in Chernobyl, proved 66.7% of examinees to have hypervolemia of hepatic circulation. These changes are due to hyperkinetic type of central hemodynamics. The data obtained prove absence of sclerotic lesions in liver.
AIM Detection of early atherosclerosis and some mechanisms of dyscirculatory encephalopathy development late after the Chernobyl accident. MATERIAL AND METHODS 57 men (mean age 45.9 +/- 1.18 years) exposed to ionizing radiation after the Chernobyl accident in 1986-1987 (random sample) and 28 healthy men (control) entered the trial. Their examination(More)
Moderate levels of dioctyl phthalate, hydrogen chloride and carbon monoxide are features of ambient air in production of linoleum, polyvinylchloride decorative filv and in other modern plastic materials production shops. The workers were diagnosed as having latent signs of neurotoxicity--vegetative dysfunction with prevalent parasympathetic tone and(More)
UNLABELLED The article contains a case of asbestosis in woman aged 65 and long exposed to asbestos at work. X-ray signs proved asbestosis of lungs. Nodular masses in pleura revealed on pulmonary CT scans were considered as malignant mesothelioma. For diagnosis verification, videothoracoscopy with target biopsy of the nodes was performed. Histologic(More)
The capacity for porphobilinogen (PBG) biosynthesis from aminolevulinic acid (ALA) in the homogenates of the lung, heart, liver, kidney, pancreatic and small intestinal tissues of 77 albino rats was determined, and all the mentioned organs were found to be capable of PBG biosynthesis. The greatest ALA dehydratase activity was found in the tissue of the(More)