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We consider the effect of spatial correlations in sources of polarized electromagnetic radiation. We evaluate the coherency matrix for a spatially extended three-dimensional source in order to obtain its dependence on the angular position of the observer in the far zone. We find a general condition on the source correlation matrix under which the(More)
The load-commutated full and half-bridge series resonant inverters are dual at lower operating frequencies where the di/dt inductance (L/sub s/) has negligible effect on their performance. At higher frequencies, however, the effect of L/sub s/ on the rating of the components dominates, and their performance is significantly different. The difference is a(More)
A thorough investigation of N-channel multifinger MOSFET capacitances in dark and under optical illumination is presented in this paper. The intrinsic and extrinsic capacitances are modelled and analysed considering the scaling effects for sub-micron scale MOSFET. Bias dependence is taken into account and capacitances essential for small signal model for RF(More)
Various angles viz. superior, medial, inferior, inferolateral, lateral, acromial and coracoid were studied in 42 scapulae of right side and 54 scapulae of left side. The angles have no correlation to that of opposite side. The correlation coefficient of each angle in relation to other angles on the same side was studied. Some of the angles showed(More)
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