P. N. Grigor’ev

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Experiments on frog cutaneous-thoracic muscle preparations using electrophysiological (intra- and extracellular recording of postsynaptic signals) and optical (confocal microscopy with the fluorescent endocytic stain FM 1-43) methods were performed to study neurotransmitter secretion and the processes of exo- and endocytosis of synaptic vesicles in motor(More)
Studies on frog skin-pectoris muscle preparations using vital fluorescent microscopy showed that stimulation of transmitter secretion using high-potassium solutions with the endocytosis marker FM 1–43 induced bright spots in all motor nerve terminals, these representing accumulations of vesicles undergoing the exoendocytic cycle in the active zones of nerve(More)
Measurements with extracellular microelectrode technique showed that depolarization of motor nerve terminals in frog cutaneous pectoris muscle with high-potassium solution (40 mM K+) increased frequency of miniature end-plate currents. Both fast intracellular calcium chelator BAPTA-AM and slow chelator EGTA-AM equally moderated the increase in the frequency(More)
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