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A case is reported of a 57 year-old woman who suffered a dislocation of the mandibular condyles for 18 months. A new technique is described for the reduction of the mandible. Two screws are fixed in the angles of the jaw and wires are passed extraoraly after connecting them with the screws. Forces can be exercised through these wires.
We present a case that have been involved in a severe traffic accident, with the following residual deformities in the Craniomaxillofacial region: Absence of the major part of the frontal bone which had been fractured and its small remained (infected) fragments removed by the neurosurgeons and an open bite, as a result of mal-united jaw fractures, due to(More)
Non-union of the mandible was evaluated over a twenty one year period (1960-1980). Seven cases were found in a total of 853 examples--an incidence of 0.8 percent. In this paper we examine these cases and review the literature concerning its incidence. Thereafter we present the different types of treatment and the results these produce in the management of(More)