P. N. Aleksandrov

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It was shown in experiments on rats that intraabdominal administration of silver nitrate solution induces peritonitis and the subplantar administration of histamine, serotonin and prostaglandin E2 leads to an acute paw edema. Preliminary subcutaneous administration of esculamine or rutin inhibited the development of the inflammation. Esculamine proved more(More)
Single application of glycine in a final dose of 40 mg/kg to the surface of the parietal area of rat brain produced a potent vasodilatory effect. The diameter of arterioles increased to 250% from the baseline level 1–3 min after treatment. These changes persisted for 5–10 min. In the follow-up period the diameter of vessels progressively decreased to the(More)
The effect of purified human, rat, and hamster salivary kallikreins on microvessels of the rat mesentery and hamster retrobuccal pouch was studied by intravital microscopy. Dilatation of arterioles, a reduction in diameter of the venules, and an increase in the number of active capillaries were found. These effects differed depending on the species and(More)
Acute pancrea t i t i s is accompanied by d is turbances of the hemodynamics [4] and by an i nc rea se in v a s c u l a r pe rmeab i l i t y . T h e r e is evidence in the l i t e r a tu re that pros taglandins (PG) a r e modula tors of inf lammation, and in pa r t i cu l a r , that they change vascu la r pe rmeab i l i t y [7, 11]. In expe r imen ta l(More)