P Muralt

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  • P Muralt, M Marzencki, B Belgacem, F Calame, S Basrour
  • 2009
A micro power generator for harvesting vibration energy by means of a piezoelectric laminated cantilever with inertial mass was designed, fabricated, and characterized. The device was micro machined from a silicon-on-insulator structure coated with a 2µm thick piezoelectric PZT thin film. Interdigitated electrodes (IDE) were applied to achieve higher(More)
The nature and the role of 1 to 5 nm thick TiO 2 seed layers for the growth of textured PbTiO 3 and Pb(Zr,Ti)O 3 thin films on textured Pt(111) thin film substrates have been studied. Under otherwise identical in situ sputter deposition process conditions, the PbTiO 3 texture could be turned from (100) to (111) orientation by adding the seed layer. This is(More)
  • P Muralt, A Kholkin, M Kohli, T Maeder
  • 2014
The piezoelectric response of silicon diaphragms covered with sputter-deposited PbZr 0.45 Ti 0.55 O 3 (PZT) films has been investigated in view of their application in ultrasonic micro-actuators. The behaviour of resonance frequencies and quasistatic deflections has been studied as a function of membrane thickness and d.c. bias. The total stress in the(More)
Acknowledgements Every book, like every journey, only makes sense when it ends. This line sums up in a simplistic way my own experience during this academic journey. Never did I imagine to find myself in such a privileged position in my life, with many inspiring people around, and with so many opportunities to learn, from nanotechnology and materials(More)
Deposition, integration and application issues of ferroelectric thin films are briefly reviewed. Applications in ultrasonic micromotors and infra-red sensors are treated in more detail. Current results on stress measurements across the ferroelectric phase transition and on pyroelectric devices are presented.
  • T Maeder, P Muralt, L Sagalowicz, I Reaney, M Kohli, A Kholkin +1 other
  • 2014
An efficient, electrically conductive, chemical barrier for the integration of piezoelectric Pb(Zr,Ti)O 3 (PZT) films on reactive metal substrates has been developed, opening new possibilities for PZT integration on micromechanical and semiconductor devices, Very reactive zirconium films have been taken in order to test the quality of the specially designed(More)
An integrated system of a microreformer and a carrier allowing for syngas generation from liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) for micro-SOFC application is discussed. The microreformer with an overall size of 12.7 mm × 12.7 mm × 1.9 mm is fabricated with micro-electro-mechanical system (MEMS) technologies. As a catalyst, a special foam-like material made from(More)
  • G Meylan, A Karimi, I Abrikosov, P Muralt, Prof J Neugebauer, J Patscheider +2 others
  • 2009
The development of multinary nitrides materials has revolutionised the hard coatings industry over the last 20 years. Especially important materials systems in this matter have been TiAlN and CrAlN which shows higher hardness, better oxidation resistance and can perform at higher temperatures as compared to TiN. When synthesised through physical vapour(More)
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