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Prostate cancer is currently a leading cause of public health concern for developed countries. Prostate tumors are among the most controversial types of cancer in terms of diagnosis and grading. With the advent of high throughput DNA microarrays in the last few years, researchers have used gene expression data for prostate tissue classification. Many of(More)
This paper introduces the concept of rate privacy in the context of wireless sensor networks. Our discussion reveals that the concept indeed is of a great importance for the privacy preservation of such networks. As a result, we propose a buffering scheme to protect the rate from adversaries. Simulation results verify the applicability of our approach.
Giardiasis is a parasitic cosmopolitan disease that the rate of infection in developing countries is considerable. This infection directly is associated with poor hygienic conditions, poor water quality control, and overcrowding. Reinfection and drug resistance are two major problems in endemic areas. Recently, researchers are concentrating on herbal drugs(More)
With the growth in computing needs, energy cost includes a large portion of operating cost of cloud data centers. Electricity prices vary in different times and geographical places. Such diversity provides opportunity for diminishing total cost via migration of jobs to places with lower energy prices. Most of the previous studies only focus on computing(More)
BACKGROUND Viscerotropic leishmaniasis caused by Leishmania tropica poses a significant problem in the diagnosis and treatment management. Since differential gene expression is more important in outcome of the infection, we employed proteomic approach to identify potential proteins involved in visceralization of L. tropica. METHODS The proteomes profiling(More)
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