P. Moungnoul

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This paper presents a new current-mode universal filter with three inputs and three outputs employing only two multiple-output current-controlled current conveyors and two grounded capacitors. The proposed circuit can simultaneously realize of lowpass, bandpass, highpass and bandstop current responses from same configuration. The proposed filter also enjoys(More)
A gigahertz analog multiplier based on OTA and squaring is proposed. The multiplier has gigahertz frequency response is suitable to use in communication system. The circuit is based on 0.18 μm CMOS technology simulated using PSPICE level 7. This technique provides; wide dynamic range, GHz-bandwidth response and low power consumption. The proposed(More)
This paper proposes a traffic forecasting by combining two forecasting techniques, which are the least square method and linear regression method, to perform the better forecasting, close to the existing real world. The result of this forecasting will be used in optimization of the GSM mobile telephone system. From the result, it shows that the combining(More)
A simple CMOS squarer circuit is proposed. The circuit has a Giga Hertz frequency response that has advantages to be used in communication systems. The proposed circuit focuses on the extension to ultra wide bandwidth. The circuit is based on 0.18 mum CMOS technology simulated using PSPICE level 7. The circuit has wide dynamic range, GHz-bandwidth response(More)
This paper proposes a study and performance analysis of multi linear chirp frequency hopping code division multiple access (MLC-FH-CDMA) on Nakagami-Rice fading channel. This study will present the effect of multipath fading channel, which is the phenomenon occurred in the most commercial wireless communication environment, on the MLC-FH-CDMA, which is the(More)
We present an analytical of blocking probability, throughput and delay on reverse link in a cellular CDMA system supporting heterogeneous traffic that means the traffic be integrated voice and World-Wide Web (WWW) traffic. Our results show that using the Gaussian approximation it was found that voice traffic can have a significant impact on the WWW traffic.(More)
This paper is proposes the cell coverage adjustment for TD-SCDMA uplink channel at 1600 MHz. The results of the cell coverage almost remain constant as the number of active user increases due to the usage of joint detection. Because the suppress MAI (multiple access interference) and also show that the cell coverage for small spreading factor services is(More)
Cellular mobile service providers would like to service the users in a cost-effective way. The resource demand may depends on the concentration of users in the given area. The Changing of the number of users can also occur over a period of time. This paper proposes about microcells that overlay over a macrocell to increase user capacity of IMT-2000 cellular(More)