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[Retinopathy of prematurity screening and follow-up with Retcam120: expertise of a team of neonatologists concerning 145 patients].
OBJECTIVES The high incidence of retinopathy in very premature infants requires strict evaluation and follow-up in neonatal intensive care. The strict organization required in each center, under theExpand
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[Posterior fossa hemorrhage in newborns following vaccum extractor delivery].
AIM To emphasize the risk of posterior fossa hemorrhage in newborns following vacuum extraction. PATIENTS AND METHODS Over a period of 26 months (September 1996-December 1998), seven patients whoExpand
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[Neonatal diagnosis of primary ciliary dyskinesia: report of one case].
Primary ciliary dyskinesia is a rare, genetic disorder resulting of an abnormal ultrastructural morphology of cilia. Such disease is rarely recognized in neonatal period. We report on a newborn whoExpand
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[Cutaneous aplasia, non compaction of the left ventricle and severe cardiac arrhythmia: a new case of MLS syndrome (microphtalmia with linear skin defects)].
A female neonate presented with cutaneous aplasia located to the face and the neck associated with a non compaction of the left ventricle leading to the diagnosis of MLS syndrome (microphtalmia withExpand
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[Recombinant human erythropoietin in premature infants. Evaluation of a one year experience].
UNLABELLED Recently, recombinant human erythropoietin (rhEPO) has been claimed to diminish red blood cell transfusions in premature infants. After a year of experience, we investigated whether earlyExpand
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[Risk factors for developing pneumothorax in full-term neonates with respiratory distress].
OBJECTIVES To describe respiratory distress (RD) in full-term neonates hospitalized in the NICU and to determine risk factors in this population for pneumothorax. STUDY DESIGN RetrospectiveExpand
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[Vancomycin and cardiac arrest in the infant].
BACKGROUND Different adverse effects induced by vancomycin bolus infusion are described, but cardiac arrest seems rare, in children as in adults. CASE REPORT Two infants, 5 and 12 months old, wereExpand
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