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In this work, a new ansatz is presented that combines molecular dynamics simulations with MM-PBSA (Molecular Mechanics Poisson-Boltzmann/surface area) to rank the binding affinities of 12 TIBO-like HIV-1 RT inhibitors. Encouraging results have been obtained not only for the relative binding free energies, but also for the absolute ones, which have a(More)
Small-bandgap polymer solar cells (PSCs) with a thick bulk heterojunction film of 340 nm exhibit high power conversion efficiencies of 9.40% resulting from high short-circuit current density (JSC ) of 20.07 mA cm(-2) and fill factor of 0.70. This remarkable efficiency is attributed to maximized light absorption by the thick active layer and minimized(More)
Rational creation of polymeric semiconductors from novel building blocks is critical to polymer solar cell (PSC) development. We report a new series of bithiopheneimide-based donor-acceptor copolymers for bulk-heterojunction (BHJ) PSCs. The bithiopheneimide electron-deficiency compresses polymer bandgaps and lowers the HOMOs--essential to maximize power(More)
New aromatic compounds with a pyridazine core have been synthesized. Four electron-withdrawing monomers have been easily prepared from simple condensation reactions and ring closure procedures. Optimized HOMO, LUMO, and bandgap energy levels have been obtained. The resulting conjugated polymers have been tested in organic solar cells. First studies have(More)
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