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Testing is an important phase of quality control in Software development. Software testing is necessary to produce highly reliable systems. The use of a model to describe the behavior of a system is a proven and major advantage to test. In this paper, we focus on model-based testing. The term model-based testing refers to test case derivation from a model(More)
Manual software testing is both an expensive and time consuming activity, requires proper planning and resource. This paper proposed a method to automate the process of test case generation. This proposed technique reduces time and increase the reliability of the software testing processes. The main criteria of software testing are to generate test cases.(More)
Modular approach to application software development has become significantly popular among the enterprises. However, Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA)-based applications represent the majority of modular application software. The major concerns of developers of these applications are oriented around the reliability and fault-free implementation, which(More)
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