P. Mohapatra

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— The unreasonable interference of concurrent threads makes the testing activity for concurrent systems a difficult task. Test case explosion is the major problem in concurrency testing and make an interruption in systematic testing of concurrent systems. In this paper we propose an approach of generating test cases from combinational UML models. In our(More)
— Testing is an important phase of software development, to maintain the quality control and reliability of the end products. Recent approach has been taken by the researcher to use UML models for test case generation. Various works has been done on test case generation for concurrent and nonconcurrent systems. In case of concurrent system group of(More)
— Regression testing is the process of validating modifications introduced in a system during software maintenance. As the test suite size is very large, system retesting consumes large amount of time and computing resources. This issue of retesting of software systems can be handled using a good test case prioritization technique. A prioritization(More)
—Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) provides a new way of application development by using existing services. The required services are collected and loosely composed to meet the user's specification, where the architecture of SOA is dynamic that is, it can change dynamically at run time to meet the new requirements. This paper proposes an architecture(More)
Regression testing is a signi¯cant, but one of the most unex-plored area in software engineering. Regression testing also forms a major part of the software maintenance process. In this paper, we propose a new technique to select a subset of the existing pool of test data to rerun, so that the a®ected parts of the program can be tested. Our approach, takes(More)
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