P Mirelle van den Berg

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Two iterative methods for the calculation of acoustic reflection and transmission at a rough interface between two media are compared. T h e methods are based on a continuous version of the conjugate gradient technique. One method is based on plane-wave expansions while the other method is based on boundary integral equations and Green's functions. The(More)
Psychopathology, psychosocial problems and substance use (PPS) commonly occur in pregnant women, and can have a negative impact on the course of pregnancy and the healthy development of the child. As PPS often remains undetected and untreated during pregnancy, we developed and implemented a four-step screen-and-treat protocol in routine obstetric care,(More)
In this paper a new deblurring algorithms for a special deconvolution problem, where a parameter describes the degree of blurring, is considered. The algorithm is based on a Conjugate Gradient technique and used the recently developed weighted l<sup>2</sup>(&#x03A9;)-norm Total Variation regularizer to obtain a reasonable solution. In order to avoid the(More)
Optical Imaging of the permittivity profile from optical diffraction tomography data is discussed. In order to arrive at sub-100 nm resolution it is necessary to employ nonlinear inversion methods that yield quantitative information of the permittivity distribution. Therefore, the so-called multiplicative regularized contrast source inversion (MR-CSI)(More)
Beam Manipulation of a Monopole Antenna C. We are currently in the process of optimizing our microwave tomographic imaging system for the detection of breast cancer. One area targeted in our optimization efforts is the antenna design. In both tomographic and radar based imaging approaches a broad frequency band is desired. Higher imaging frequencies offer(More)
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