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OBJECTIVE To assess efficacy and safety of two dilutions of botulinum neurotoxin type A NT 201 (Xeomin®) in patients with upper limb spasticity of diverse etiology. METHODS Changes in functional disability and muscle tone from baseline to week 4 after NT 201 treatment. RESULTS One hundred ninety-two patients with stroke, brain injury, multiple(More)
A 7-month-old previously healthy female infant was found dead in her crib by her mother shortly after having been laid down to sleep following the noontime feeding. Because the child did not suffer from an acute illness and no other evidence pointed to a cause of death, it was initially assumed by the police that she had died of sudden infant death(More)
Vorgestellt werden 2 Familien mit jeweils 2 mißhandelten Geschwisterkindern, bei denen trotz richtiger ärztlicher Diagnosestellung nur unzureichende soziale und rechtliche Maßnahmen eingeleitet wurden. In einem Fall wurde das durch Mißhandlung bereits vorgeschädigte Kind nochmals geschädigt, und in beiden Familien wurde das jeweils 2. Geschwisterkind(More)
The case history presented reports on three 30- to 40-years-old men, who were found dead in a party like situation in the living room. The toxicological investigation proved alcohol and THC as well as therapeutic Flunitrazepam- and Pentobarbital levels and toxic 7- Amino-Flunitrazepam concentrations. The background of this surprising scene led up to the(More)
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