P. Miklos

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This paper offers an Internet-based environment forenhancing problem-specific design flows with test patterngeneration and fault simulation capabilities. AutomaticTest Pattern Generation (ATPG) and fault simulation toolsat structural and hierarchical levels available at geographicallydifferent places running under the virtual environmentusing the MOSCITO(More)
In this paper, we compare different types of interpolation techniques. Both sine based (linear and cubic) and spline based interpolation techniques are presented in detail. The quality of interpolation techniques are tested on doubling the size of the image in both directions. We present the accuracy of all techniques, and the frequency responses of the(More)
KTI/IE Discussion Papers are circulated to promote discussion and provoque comments. Any references to discussion papers should clearly state that the paper is preliminary. Materials published in this series may subject to further publication. Abstract In finance risk capital allocation raises important questions both from theoretical and practical points(More)
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