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The first appearance of rat growth hormone (RGH) in serum was in the 19 day-old foetus. The level was high on the 21st day of gestation (129 +/- 7 ng/ml serum), it decreased after birth and descended to 17 +/- 2 ng/ml in the 15 day-old rat. After weanling it again rose to reach a plateau at 80 cays. The half-life and metabolic clearance rate (MCR) of RGH(More)
The endocrine pancreas of birds contains 3 islet types and releases glucagon, insulin, somatostatin and avian pancreatic polypeptide (APP). Interactions between these hormones, and pancreatic hormone-plasma metabolite feedback mechanisms, are the main regulators of these secretions. In birds, total pancreatectomy induces a fatal hypoglycaemia associated(More)
The relationship between two metabolites, free fatty acids (FFA) and amino acids (AA), and the two main pancreatic hormones, insulin and glucagon, was studied by infusing small amounts of these metabolites into normal and diabetic Peking ducks, i. e. two days after subtotal pancreatectomy. Infusion of oleic acid (0.365 g/kg/30 min as an emulsion in plasma)(More)
To elucidate the hypolipacidaemic effect of insulin in ducks, its action on the uptake of free fatty acids (FFA) by duck hepatocytes was determined. At low doses (10 mu./l) insulin stimulated FFA uptake. This effect was not observed with higher doses of insulin (20, 30 and 50 mu./l). Growth hormone at physiological concentrations and corticosterone (14.4(More)
A peptide, eluted with cytochrome c, called 'big' somatostatin, is the only somatostatin-like immunoreactivity present in the peripheral plasma of the duck. The metabolic action of partially purified fractions of 'big' somatostatin was investigated on glucagon-stimulated lipolysis in chicken adipocytes. Significant inhibition of glycerol release (an index(More)
The variations of the current-voltage characteristics of a light emitting silicon junction of a bipolar transistor is monitored for the first time along an experiment performed at high constant reverse current. The evolutions of the parameters show the effects of degradation processes which are correlated with induced high injection effects and the changes(More)
Gut GLI levels were measured in the plasma of normal, totally and subtotally depancreatized geese, using an antiserum specific for avian pancreatic glucagon and another one which crossreacts with intestinal extracts. Gut GLI was determined by difference between "total" GLI and immunoreactive pancreatic glucagon (IRG). Glucose given orally or a meal rich in(More)
The existence of plasma metabolites (glucose, free fatty acids [FFA[, aminoacids [AA])--pancreatic hormones (insulin, glucagon) feedback mechanisms and of insulin-glucagon relationships were studied in hypophysectomised ducks; the insulinogenic effect of glucagon was also studied in normal ducks in physiological conditions. Glucose infusion stimulated(More)