P. Meyer

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The main objective of this paper consists in discussing the concept of weak solutions of a certain type of backward stochastic differential equations. Using weak convergence in the Meyer–Zheng topology, we shall give a general existence result. The terminal condition À depends in functional form on a driving càdlàg process , and the coefficient depends on(More)
This paper presents an approach to design a contactless energy-transfer system to supply desktop computer peripherals. Energy is transferred using coreless transformers from an array of primary coils (placed on a table) to one or several secondary coils (placed under the peripheral). Knowing the geometrical structure of the coils of a coreless transformer,(More)
This article presents the problem of the selection of k best alternatives in the context of multiple criteria decision aid. We situate ourselves in the context of pairwise comparisons of alternatives and the underlying bipolar-valued outranking digraph. We present three formulations for the best k-choice problem and detail how to solve two of them directly(More)
Although telepathology systems have been developed for more than a decade, they are still not a widespread tool for routine diagnostic applications. Lacking interoperability, software that is not satisfying user needs as well as high costs have been identified as reasons. In this paper we would like to demonstrate that with a clear separation of the tasks(More)
Doing " history of mathematics " about Probability Theory is an undertaking doomed to failure from the outset, hardly less absurd than doing history of physics from a mathematician's viewpoint, neglecting all of experimental physics. We can never say often enough, Probability Theory is first of all the art of calculating probabilities, for pleasure and for(More)
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