P. Mercier

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The authors report the case of a 14-month-old baby boy with an epidermoid cyst located entirely within the pons and medulla, without an exophytic component. The lesion was examined by computed tomography and magnetic resonance imaging. The child was operated upon three times after two recurrences of the lesion. A suboccipital, subtonsillar approach was used(More)
BACKGROUND A specific cause of progressive Brown-Sequard syndrome has been identified: a ventral herniation of the thoracic spinal cord through the dural sleeve on one side. METHOD Four female patients who were affected by a progressive Brown Sequard syndrome related to a transdural spinal cord herniation have been investigated and were submitted to(More)
A case of a 3-cm acoustic neurinoma totally excised with preservation of the facial and cochlear nerves is reported. Hearing was not impaired by the operation, but dramatically improved within 2 months. The literature on operations of acoustic tumors with preservation of hearing is reviewed. In patients with some hearing ability, the operation should be(More)
A series of five experiments was carried out in which fear of context caused by exposure to shocks was manipulated by signaling the shocks with a discrete stimulus, signaling the days during which shocks occurred with a session-long stimulus, or switching the context between exposure and the subsequent test. All these manipulations influenced fear of the(More)
It has been shown that stacking a set of known good dice into a 3D chip array may be beneficial in terms of system performance and footprint area. This paper demonstrates that, in the general sense, it is also beneficial to arrange chips into a 3D stack from yield and cost perspectives. It is shown that an optimal point occurs where cost is minimized by(More)
Controlled drug release in the central nervous system through an implantable polymeric vector has been developed in recent years. For this purpose, different polymeric devices composed primarily of synthetic biocompatible and biodegradable polymers have been investigated. The first polymeric devices developed were macroscopic implants (monolithic devices),(More)
The presented analysis shows that a system approach, that targets heterogeneous technologies, is clearly needed to address ultra-low power operation of hardware built for wireless sensor networks. CMOS design efforts have to be aided by a clear understanding of network requirements and protocol implementation. A very talented CMOS designer, or even dozen of(More)
The present paper reports a case of intracranial hypertension secondary to thrombophlebitis of the two transverse sinuses and internal jugular veins in which microsurgical revascularization was attempted. This was carried out by means of a bypass graft inserted between the right transverse sinus and the superficial jugular vein. As early as the first(More)
A young man developed intracranial hypertension immediately after myelography with non-ionic water-soluble contrast medium (iopamidol). Cerebral angiography showed extensive cerebral venous thrombosis. The common causes of thrombophlebitis were excluded. A relationship to the contrast medium was strongly suspected, since a similar case has been reported.(More)