P. Mathur

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Guenno B, et al. Molecular detection and characterization of yellow fever in blood and liver specimens of a non-vaccinated fatal human case. To the Editor: Members of the Bacteroides fragilis group are the most commonly isolated anaerobic pathogens in humans. Metronidazole has been the drug of choice for preventing and treating such infections for 40 years.(More)
We investigate the properties of extremal point systems on the real line consisting of two interlaced sets of points solving a modified minimal energy problem. We show that these ex-tremal points for the intervals [−1, 1], [0, ∞), and (−∞, ∞), which are analogues of Menke points for a closed curve, are related to the zeros and extrema of classical(More)
Optical remote sensing data and microwave remote sensing data are complementary to each other and hence the fusion of these data would help in improving the classification accuracy. In this paper IRS LISS-III data and Radarsat-1 SAR data are fused using Bayesian formulation of data fusion. For this purpose SAR image is modeled using multiplicative(More)
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