P. Mark Rodger

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Long-time-scale molecular dynamics simulations are presented of the spontaneous formation of methane hydrate at a methane/liquid water interface. The water film was prepared at 300 K, 30 bar and showed no significant hydrate order. On crash cooling to 250 K, 300 bar (about 20 K subcooling), the system showed a rapid growth of hydrate clusters. Contrary to(More)
NaChBac was the first discovered bacterial sodium voltage-dependent channel, yet computational studies are still limited due to the lack of a crystal structure. In this work, a pore-only construct built using the NavMs template was investigated using unbiased molecular dynamics and metadynamics. The potential of mean force (PMF) from the unbiased run(More)
OBJECTIVE Most patients with first episode psychosis (FEP) are neither studying nor employed (have a poor functional status) when first accessing care. Knowledge of the characteristics of patients with poor functioning and the features influencing functional status over time may pave the way to better treatment. METHOD A medical file audit was used to(More)
The statistical and dynamical properties of ions in the se-lectivity filter of the KcsA ion channel are considered on the basis of molecular dynamics (MD) simulations of the KcsA protein embedded in a lipid membrane surrounded by an ionic solution. A new approach to the derivation of a Brownian dynamics (BD) model of ion permeation through the filter is(More)
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