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Since 1993, we have performed laparoscopic inguinal hernia repair by ambulatory surgery. We report the population of patients with inguinal hernia operated in this way from the first case operated by ambulatory surgery to May 1, 1996. The aim of this prospective and non controlled trial was to present the organization of our day care department and to(More)
The authors present a study of 38 cases of renal malacoplakia, two of which are personal. The clinical roentgenological and pathological data of such a histologically defined disease are reviewed. Nosological and physiopathological recollection is necessary before discussing management.
Ambulatory surgery has been organized and regulated in France since 1991. We report the organisation of this activity in our unit and the results in 22,476 patients. Endoscopies, not specifically surgical, were 25.7% of procedures. Over night hospitalization was needed in 3.1% of patients, including about 40% of them for social and familial conditions or(More)
Potentials recorded with a platinum electrode inserted in the cortex and in the medulla of the right kidney "in situ" were compared with the log (Pyruvate)/(Lactate) in the arterial blood and in the blood of the right renal vein, during clamping of the entire pedicle or the renal vein alone. There is no correlation between potentials and log (P)/(L) when(More)
The presence of a supernumerary spleen in the scrotum, situated around or near a more or less atrophic testicle, or replacing a missing testicle in cryptorchidism, represents the most common result of a rare congenital anomaly called splenogonadal fusion. A new case discovered in a 81-year-old patient is reported. The different clinical expressions, the(More)
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