P. Manandhar

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A cross-sectional study of raw meat samples from the local meat market of Kathmandu Metropolitan City was carried out during September 2002 to May 2003 with special emphasis on isolation and identification of Salmonella bacteria. A total of 123 raw meat samples (55 chicken, 37 buffalo, and 31 goat) were collected and analyzed relative to season. Salmonella(More)
History The DLSO Udayapur reported the periodic death of total 31 adult mules during 12-07-2006 to 21-10-2006 with showing symptoms like twisting of head, star-grazing position, excessive sweating, aimless biting to inanimate objects. Death within 10-15 minutes after collapsing on the ground. These herd were being treated with antibiotics and vaccinated(More)
The consultative committee for space data systems (CCSDS) file delivery protocol (CFDP) operates in a store-and-forward model to ensure the efficient transfer of information in a wide variety of mission configurations, from relatively low earth-orbiting spacecrafts to complex arrangements of inter-planetary space links. The performance of CFDP in the(More)
Mycotoxins T2 toxin produced by fusarium are a caustic irritant. It causes necrosis of mucosa of proventriculus, gizzard and feather epithelium. Citrinin, which is basically a nephrotoxin, can also cause fissures in the gizzard Oosporein – In oosporein poisoning one may notice that the proventriculus has enlarged circumference at the isthmus and the mucosa(More)
BACKGROUND Assessing health status is crucial to understand the level of health in the community. Maternal health, child health and behavioral practice on diseases are key issues to assess health status of a community in Nepal. Nationwide surveys and literature suggest that there is improvement in health status of Nepalese community. Thus, the aim of this(More)
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