P. M. da Silveira

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Plant–pollinator interactions are one of the most important and variable mutualisms having major implications for plant fitness. The present study evaluates the interactions between an endemic milkwort, Polygala vayredae, and its floral visitors by studying the temporal variability, foraging behaviour and effectiveness of floral visitors in three(More)
[1] We investigate by first‐principles the influence of iron on the elastic properties of the b–phase (wadsleyite) and g–phase (ringwoodite), polymorphs of olivine, the most abundant minerals of the upper and lower parts of the transition zone, respectively. Our study aims to complement experiments to understand details of the 410 km and 520 km(More)
  • Nereida Salette, Paulo da Silveira, Mitiko Mori Hanashiro, Darcy Mitiko Mori Hanashiro
  • 2008
Similaridade e Similaridade e Similaridade e Similaridade e Dissimilaridade Dissimilaridade Dissimilaridade Dissimilaridade entre entre entre entre Superiores Superiores Superiores Superiores e e e e Subordinados Subordinados Subordinados Subordinados e e e e su su su suas as as as Implicações Implicações Implicações Implicações para a para a para a para a(More)
Calendula L. (Asteraceae) is a taxonomically and cytologically complex genus due to its high morphological and karyological variation. To gather consistent cytological information aiming to consolidate the existing knowledge, sustain the taxonomic revision of the genus and explore the evolutionary relationships among species, the genome size and chromosome(More)
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