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—This letter proposes a new multiplierless approximation of the discrete Fourier transform (DFT) called the multiplierless fast Fourier transform-like (ML-FFT) transformation. It makes use of a novel factorization to parameterize the twiddle factors in the conventional radix-2 or split-radix FFT algorithms as certain rotation-like matrices and approximates(More)
Agarose beads carrying a cleavable, fluorescent, and photoreactive cross-linking reagent on the surface were synthesized and used to selectively pull out the proteins lining the surface of supramolecules. A quantitative comparison of the abundances of various proteins in the sample pulled out by the beads from supramolecules with their original abundances(More)
This paper proposes a new family of multiplier-less discrete cosine and sine transforms called the SOPOT DCTs and DSTs. The fast algorithm of Wang [lo] is used to parameterize all the DCTs and DSTs in terms of certain (2x2) matrices, which are then converted to SOPOT representation using a method previously proposed by the authors [7]. The forward and(More)
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