P M Wisniewski

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While recent reports have noted the presence of viral DNA sequences in the laser plume, no significant effort has been made to study transmission of the virus in vivo via airborne laser debris. Studies were undertaken to identify potential hazards to operating room occupants in gynecologic laser surgery. ACO2 laser in the continuous wave mode using a power(More)
Eight women with human papillomavirus-associated vestibular adenitis were treated with locally administered alpha interferon, 1 million units, three times weekly for four consecutive weeks. Five patients had a complete remission, and one had a slight, transient improvement, with a relapse after the therapy ceased.
A method is developed with a view to finding a solution to a certain type of cluster analysis problems by means of linear programming. In order to achieve the optimal solution, a partition of a set of objects into disjoint subsets is used. To this effect the concept of “natural number of groups” is introduced, whereby an improvement is accomplished as(More)
Seventy cases of colovaginal fistula complicating diverticular disease are documented in the literature. Predisposing factors are advanced age and previous hysterectomy. We diagnosed a case early on with careful colposcopic observation of the volcanic ejection of pus from multiple sites in the vaginal apex; we propose naming that phenomenon the "Io" sign(More)
Postpartum vaginal atrophy has been briefly noted without adequate clinical description. We present a study of 215 puerperas at a scheduled 4-week postpartum visit, investigating colorpHast vaginal pH, vestibular cotton swab testing, vaginal wall tenderness, and both fixed and wet mount cytologic studies. Thirty-seven patients with vaginal atrophy (17.2%)(More)
An original algorithm is set forth in connection with a problem that arose with a large arrangement of electric devices. The problem was reduced to one of permutations of a given number of integers into equally sized groupings, in such a way that sums within those groupings had to be set as alike as possible. Since the problem was apparently new, there was(More)
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