P M W Donaldson

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AIMS To describe the morbid anatomical and bacteriological features in a series of five cases of rapidly fatal Streptococcus pyogenes necrotising fasciitis. METHODS Post mortem and bacteriological examinations were made of five patients dying within 48 hours from rapidly fatal necrotising fasciitis. RESULTS All five cases died rapidly from a toxic(More)
Altered pharmacokinetics in patients with major burns may result in serum antibiotic concentrations below those required to be effective against the common pathogens encountered in burns patients. The major changes in the fluid volumes of key body compartments, which occur with a large burn, may increase the apparent volume of distribution of a drug,(More)
Non-anthrax Bacillus species are rare, but serious causes of bacterial meningitis in those either immunocompromised or treated with CSF diversion. Although resistant to first-line antibiotics, they usually respond to chloramphenicol. We report a case of fulminant Bacillus cereus meningitis that complicated lumbar spinal drainage which proved resistant to(More)
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