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The role of vessel taper on the distribution of atherosclerotic lesions was examined in 11 photographs of human infra-renal aortas, aged 42-76. The aortas, opened anteriorly and pinned flat with the luminal surface facing up, were analysed using Mocha Imaging software. The circumference was measured at intervals of 10 mm and fitted with a third order(More)
The high interest in applications of conducting polymers, especially polyaniline (PANI), makes it important to overcome limitations for effective usage due to poor processability and solubility. One promising approach is to make blends of PANI in polymeric resins. However, in this approach other problems related to the difficulty of achieving a homogeneous(More)
The presence and characteristics of a connected network of polyaniline (PANI) within a composite coating based on polyester acrylate (PEA) has been investigated. The bulk electrical conductivity of the composite was measured by impedance spectroscopy. It was found that the composite films containing PANI have an electrical conductivity level in the range of(More)
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