P M Stalonas

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The development of a comprehensive weight-reduction program and its implementation in the clinic are described. The program consisted of explicit instructions on food monitoring, stimulus control, chaining, exercise, and self-reinforcement. The results of pilot research indicated that the program produced reliable weight loss and that its implementation in(More)
Although the long-term maintenance of therapy induced behavior changes and the resulting weight loss represent critical issues in the treatment of obesity, there is a paucity of available data. The present study assessed the durability of treatment induced weight losses 5 years after treatment and the long-term adherence to treatment strategies. Thirty-six(More)
Teacher-rated adjustment differences among young elementary school children from (a) a recent sample and a 1974 cohort, and (b) urban/suburban, male/female, and grade-level subgroups were examined. A problem behavior checklist (Classroom Adjustment Rating Scale) and a school competence measure (Health Resources Inventory) for 974 children from 5 urban and 5(More)
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