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The introduction of robotic medical assistance in biopsy and stomach cavity exploration is one of the most important milestones in the field of medical science. The research is still in its infancy and many issues like limitations in dexterity, control, and abdominal cavity vision are the main concerns of many researchers around the globe. This paper(More)
—A fault-tolerant gait planning of a quadruped robot is presented. The considered robot has static walking and suffers from a locked joint failure. Especially, the quadruped robot is equipped with the moving appendage onto the body. By controlling the moving appendage, the robot can adjust the effective position of the center of gravity. Incorporating the(More)
— A hyper-redundant manipulator has the advantage that it can be used in constraint space; however the control of hyper-redundant manipulator is difficult. This paper presents a concept of virtual link based two degrees of freedom (DOF) controller. With the proposed controller, manipulator of any number of links can be reduced to either a 2-link virtual(More)
This paper proposes a new dynamic control model with stability analysis for an omnidirectional mobile robot. In particular, the dynamical model uses a feedback linearization for the control in order to follow a given trajectory. To do this, a PID controller is practically considered for controlling the motion of the mobile robot. In order to prove the(More)