P M Kotliarov

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The paper deals with the diagnosis of splenic diseases by using the currently available techniques. Based on the examination of a large group including 391 patients with various benign and malignant splenic diseases, the authors showed that despite the fact that primary diseases of the spleen are comparatively rarely encountered, nevertheless, early(More)
Cold tests and those using intracoronary or sublingual nitroglycerin administration were applied during coronarography to 50 coronary patients with varying clinical manifestations of angina pectoris. The quantitative assessment of angiographic patterns showed the cold and nitroglycerin tests to change significantly the extent of stenosis in patients with(More)
Computed tomography (CT) morphometry of the brain in preschool children in the critical period reflects the dynamic process of the brain formation, multidirectional laterality of the hemispheres. Close relationships between neuropsychological and CT results demonstrate general tendency of the neuro-ontogenetic process comprising reciprocal interaction of(More)
The paper based on the analysis of computed tomographic data in 40 patients again underlines the importance of accurate and timely diagnosis of thoracic changes in the postoperative period. It shows that CT can provide information on thoracic organs and parts and presents the tomographic pattern of a postoperative uncomplicated period.