P. M. Koenraad

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The effect of temperature and the availability of nutrients on the transition of spiral Campylobacter jejuni cells to coccoid forms was investigated. Ageing of spiral C. jejuni cells in either nutrient-poor or nutrient-rich environments resulted in the formation of nonculturable coccoid cells at 4, 12, and 25 degrees C after different periods, with the(More)
In this letter we have performed a structural analysis at the atomic scale of GaAs/AlGaAs quantum dots grown by droplet epitaxy. The shape, composition, and strain of the quantum dots and the AlGaAs matrix are investigated. We show that the GaAs quantum dots have a Gaussian shape and that minor intermixing of Al with the GaAs quantum dot takes place. A(More)
Structure-spectra relationship in semiconductor quantum dots ͑QDs͒ is investigated by subjecting the same QD sample to single-dot spectroscopy and cross-sectional scanning tunneling microscopy ͑XSTM͒ structural measurements. We find that the conventional approach of using XSTM structure as input to calculate the spectra produces some notable conflicts with(More)
Circulating orbital currents produced by the spin-orbit interaction for a single electron spin in a quantum dot are explicitly evaluated at zero magnetic field, along with their effect on the total magnetic moment (spin and orbital) of the electron spin. The currents are dominated by coherent superpositions of the conduction and valence envelope functions(More)
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